Jan 8, 2016

Everyday Friday



Everyday Friday


It’s been a couple of weeks again since I’ve posted some pictures of our everyday happenings. We had great Christmas Holidays which were really relaxing and enjoyed by all of us. At the end of it all, we were all very ready to begin school again.


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Outside Playtime

We live very close to a creek that is dry over winter. This is a fun place for all the neighbor kids The tractor that clears the streets always pushes up a large pile of snow on this corner and the kids get to slide off the snow pile into the creek. It is great fun! The kids especially love it when I come out with them and slide too. Here ‘Nea and Dilly are both ready to slide down on their bums.


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Beautiful Scenery

I will be the first to admit that I’m not the world’s biggest fan of winter. I was born in July and I love hot weather. However, I live in the Canadian Prairie’s, where it is cold, cold, cold for a good portion of the year. All that aside, winter is really very beautiful and if I dress properly-I really enjoy being outside. We all know that it is good for our health to get some fresh area at least semi-regularly. On this particular day, we actually walked along the creek for a long distance. We hadn’t done this before and I don’t know why because it is gorgeous!

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Velcro Craft Sticks

Awhile back, I posted on Facebook about Dilly and his inability to find things to do. I asked for solutions to this problem. At the time, he was constantly complaining about what to do. Honestly, I got a lot of great suggestions and I am so glad that I thought to ask the question. Two answers, specifically, helped me. One was to get together activities and set the timer for him to spend about 20-60 minutes doing these assigned activities. The other suggestion was busy bags. It was really funny because I had used busy bags with my girls, but had completely forgotten about them for Dilly. I did a google search and got a whole pile of good ideas. These Velcro craft sticks are one of the ideas I got. I haven’t even finished with my whole bag of 75 jumbo Popsicle sticks because I miscalculated the amount of Velcro I would need, but already you can see that he has been very creative with them. This particular creation was called a kite.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our “Everyday” lives. Have a great weekend!


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